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It just makes sense. Journalism in Oregon cannot thrive without the next generation of journalists.


FORJ is training young reporters in small communities--ensuring a thriving future for rural journalism Oregon. But we need your help to do it. 

We're asking our supporters to help fund the FJA program for the 2023-2024 school year with a simple donation of $20.23. Help us keep journalism alive in rural Oregon!

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FORJ is training diverse students

Drawing from students in both rural areas and small regional cities, FORJ is engaging students of diverse backgrounds. 

Already FJA students are far more diverse than the average pool of journalists in Oregon, with a higher percentage of diversity than The Oregonian, The Bulletin or any other newspaper in the state. 

This means we're ensuring that the next generation of journalists represents communities that have traditionally been left out of the conversation. 


This is good for journalism. This is good for Oregon. 

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The impact of your dollars

$20.23 might not seem like much, but to us this means:

  • The ability to recruit students from rural communities, including Spanish speakers and students in news deserts

  • Access to professional curriculum to train students to become the next generation of journalists in their communities​

  • Support to hire real working journalists to train students on the ins and outs of daily journalism

  • Equipment and materials that gives students real world experience so they're ready to get to work

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Make a difference.
Give $20.23 to Future Journalists of America today!

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