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A fresh approach to revitalizing journalism

Press conference

It’s time to get back to the basics. Communities thrive when journalists have trusted relationships with the people, businesses and interest groups of a region. Coverage is more comprehensive. Stories are more accurate. Diverse voices are better represented. All of that means better communities–and an indispensable role for journalism well into the future. 


BUT budget cuts and smaller staffs have made it harder and harder for journalists to stay close to diverse sources. 

We need a new solution.

FORJ’s civic information hubs are the answer. 

What is a civic

information hub?

A civic information hub is a regional advisory board made up of people from diverse sectors. 


The members advise journalists from television, newspaper, radio and digital media about important issues they are facing. Journalists use the information to create compelling stories that really matter to civic life. 


Members of the advisory board include:

  • Representatives of demographic and cultural advocacy groups, including Latinos, LGBTQ and seniors

  • Business interests such as health care, development, finance, agriculture and manufacturing

  • Social service providers

  • Faith-based communities

  • Housing advocates

  • Environmental and alternative transportation advocates


Untitled design (4).png

FORJ is building a civic information hub in Central Oregon’s tri-county area that will launch in early 2024. 


Right now, FORJ is bringing together journalists to learn more about how the hub will function and the benefits to local media. 


Members of the media recently attended an informational meeting about the Central Oregon Civic Information Hub. If you are a journalist and interested in learning more please email us at

FORJ is now reaching out to diverse minority groups, business leaders, community advocates and other stakeholders to invite them to sit on the Central Oregon Civic Information Hub advisory board. If you are interested in participating please email us at

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