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Building a sustainable journalism business lifecycle 

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The FORJournalism Resource Center is the innovative answer we need to the challenges facing today’s rural news sources.


The resource center is working hand in hand with news publications to evolve their business models for long-term sustainability.


Through trainings, technology upgrades and direct operational support FORJ is connecting journalism businesses with the toolkit of support they need to thrive.

What does the FORJournalism Resource Center do? 

  • Provides urgent support to publications on the brink

  • Helps attract new journalism entrepreneurs

  • Provides a business operations toolbox

  • Offers journalism resources and support

  • Supports digital transformation and tech trainings

  • Facilitates community engagement

  • Helps navigate succession planning

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Why does Oregon need a journalism resource center? 

FORJ partnered with the Oregon Values and Beliefs Center to poll publishers of rural publications across the state. Here's what they say about why news outlets in rural communities are struggling so greatly. 

  • 68% struggle over competition with social media platforms like FB

  • 59% lack resources to recruit and train new journalists

  • 41% have too large of a geographic area to adequately cover

  • 36% have had to cut staff

Publishers said the following interventions would help their publications adapt to the new media landscape. Their input and evolving best practices for successful journalism business models shaped the offerings of the resource center. 

  • 73% need help with technology to grow digital subscribers

  • 68% want help finding grants and donors

  • 64% need help growing their news outlet’s social media channels

  • 55% want more journalism training programs

  • 32% want help converting to a nonprofit status

Does your publication need urgent support? 

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Call the FORJournalism Resource Center now.

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