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Empowering the Future of Journalism 


Help us revitalize local journalism by training the next generation of Oregon reporters and editors. 

About Future Journalists

of America

FORJ's Future Journalists of America program trains high school students in local newsrooms to become the next generation of Oregon’s local journalists. 


Through the FJA program, diverse youth from rural communities are trained in digital news publication strategies, successful journalism business models and the core skills of community reporting.


Students lend their unique voices to civic dialogue in Oregon through their own digital publication, The Obsidian. After completing their training in FJA, students go on to major in journalism in college, continue reporting for local news outlets or are simply better equipped to evaluate and participate in civic discussions. 

  • Empowering High School Students

  • Digital News Publication Training

  • Building Strong Journalism Foundations

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The Obsidian: A Publication For Youth, By Youth

The Obsidian is the inaugural youth publication from the Future Journalists of America program. The Obsidian’s staff is composed of high school students from across Central Oregon who have put their skills into launching and maintaining a publication for youth, by youth.

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Make a Difference – Donate Now

Every donation directly supports our efforts to:

  • Recruit students from rural communities, including Spanish speakers and students in news deserts, to join FJA.

  • Access professional curriculum to train students to become the next generation of journalists in their communities​.

  • Hire real working journalists to train students on the ins and outs of daily journalism.

  • Supply equipment and materials that give FJA students real-world experience so they're ready to get to work.

  • Hire a coordinator for our FJA program, giving us the bandwidth to expand this empowering program to other rural areas of the state such as Medford and eastern Oregon.

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